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List of 26 Top Forums for Web Designers/Developers

Forums are good source of Learning, finding Jobs and review of companies, review on work done by you etc , If have Question regarding Coding, designing, tools uses and reviews, techniques , website creativity , SEO, Marketing, and important rules to follow in marketing over web ?

Then probably Forums are a big place to get answers to your unclear questions from experienced users or members: As web programmers, I felt in need with these kinds of communities, maybe you’ll find these web design forum sites useful too.

Forums are important as Web Design companies; freelance web designers as well website owners themselves rely on forums for a number of reasons such as finding solution to web design or technical issues, to research new areas or simply to participate in discussion with other designers.
Participating in these forums will allow you to share your knowledge and skills with other web and graphic designers. The list below identifies the top web design/development forums for other web designers

List of Top Web Design Forums for Web Designers/Developers :

  • Discussions: 250,273
  • Messages: 1,264,013
  • Members: 276,162
  • Discussion Boards, key discussion area: Client & Server Side Development, Computing & science, Web Projects and Services Marketplace
  • PR: 6
  • Alexa: 9,702

  • Threads : 915,843
  • Total Posts: 2,763,953
  • Members: 478,720
  • Discussion Boards, key discussion area: Database, Mobile programming ,O.S ,Web Design, Development
  • PR: 7
  • Alexa: 5,973

  • Discussion Boards, key discussion area: All MySQL
  • PR: 6
  • FACebook Likes : 233,359
  • Twitter:36,475 Followers
  • Alexa: 1,330

  • PR: 7
  • Alexa: 1,577

  • Threads : 1,029,803
  • Total Posts: 4,791,898
  • Members: 722,664
  • Active members: 4,901
  • Discussion Boards, key discussion area: design your site, program your site, host your site
  • PR: 6
  • Alexa: 79,020

  • Discussions: 2,234,525
  • Messages: 16,870,201
  • Members: 696,228
  • Discussion Boards, key discussion area: Search Engines ,Business & Marketing ; Design ;Development ; Buy, Sell or Trade ; The Digital Point
  • PR: 5
  • Alexa: 769

  • Discussions: 276,893
  • Messages: 1,942,953
  • Members: 235,111
  • Discussion Boards, key discussion area: Business, marketing, Web design & Development
  • PR: 5
  • Alexa: 4,692

  • Total Posts: 1,264,013
  • Members: 40,081
  • Discussion Boards, key discussion area: SEO, Website Marketing and Business, Web design & Development, web designers community , Software &Hardware ,Web Projects and Services Marketplace
  • PR: 3
  • Alexa: 22,860

  • Threads : 326,464
  • Total Posts: 2,353,754
  • Members: 189,951
  • Discussion Boards, key discussion area: Web Design, Development , Career ,
  • PR: 5
  • Alexa: 18,161

  • Discussion Boards, key discussion area: Web design & Development
  • PR: 4
  • Fb likes : 32,823 ,
  • Alexa: 48,543

  • Threads : 129,816
  • Total Posts: 804,751
  • Members: 144,200
  • Discussion Boards, key discussion area: Networking, Web design & Development, web designers community , Tools ,HTML Forum Center
  • PR: 4
  • Alexa: 22,744
  • Threads : 67,708
  • Total Posts: 883,624
  • Members: 20,396
  • Discussion Boards, key discussion area: Web design forum
  • PR: 4
  • Alexa: 41,196
  • Threads : 13,541
  • Total Posts: 24,531
  • Members: 32,536
  • Active members: 252
  • Discussion Boards, key discussion area: Web Design, Development , Graphics , Tutorials, search engine marketing
  • PR: 4
  • Alexa: 93,299
  • Discussion Boards, key discussion area: Web Design, Logo design
  • PR: 5
  • Alexa: 125,825

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Top technologies to Learn 2013-14

In recent news with , Published by Andrew C. Oliver , Entitled as "6 technologies you should learn this year"

About Andrew C. Oliver is a professional cat herder who moonlights as a software consultant. He started programming when he was 8 and cut his teeth on GW Basic, BASICA, and dBase III+. He is most known for founding the POI project, which is now hosted at Apache. He also was one of the early developers at JBoss before it merged with Red Hat. He is a former board member and current helper at the Open Source Initiative. He is president and founder of Open Software Integrators, a professional services firm with offices in Durham, N.C., and Chicago, Ill.

Top 6 technologies to Learn 2013 Listed as from 6th to 1st .... 

6. Git.
Look, if you don't know Git and haven't set up a GitHub account or two, you're late to the effective and well-known developer party. You really should've learned it last year. Of course, if you're still using ClearCase in your current position, you should either be getting serious hazard pay or you should quit and get a job where you don't have to use ClearCase.

5. C/C++ or Assembly.

 I struggled not to leave this as Assembly -- or even C and omitting the mongrel hybrid cousin (Linus said it best in his NSFW rant). You needn't be a master of the standard lib or the STL or any such thing, but you should know how a computer actually works. You should understand how memory operate close to the metal and have some idea of how compilers function. I may not have used MASM in years, but I've continually applied the knowledge I gained from learning it. As technology grows more high-level and abstract, understanding them at a low level actually becomes more useful when developing or debugging highly scalable, high-performance systems. If you're working as a Ruby developer, no one is going to demand you know this stuff, but they may ask you to fix problems that you'll understand far better if you have this expertise. People who can think this way will prove themselves invaluable time and time again. 

4. Node.js. 

I'm not saying you should become a JavaScript developer and forgo all else. I'm saying you should have a taste of event-based, nonblocking systems like Node.js and at least one dynamic language like JavaScript on the server. You could do Ruby, but you'd miss that event-based, nonblocking part. There are reasons to really dislike Node.js (it's single threaded), but there's plenty to love as well. A lot of serious people use Node.js, which has a vibrant community and wide industry support -- everyone from Microsoft to Cloudbees to VMware and beyond. Node.js's well-funded ($112 million-plus) creator, Joyent, isn't trying to productize Node.js, but Joyent's cloud offering differentiates itself with a Node.js-centric PaaS.
3 Scala.
Concurrent programming is changing, and so are the kinds of applications we're asked to build as developers. Not long ago, all low-latency trading applications were written in C or C++; now they're written in Java. The newer techniques in highly concurrent and functional object-oriented programming often debut in Scala, then make it into Java or other popular languages years later. Scala is more than a language or "syntactic candy" -- it's an ecosystem of libraries and ideas such as Akka and Play. Whether you like Scala or hate it, you need to understand the ideas it encompasses. With Spring Framework creator Rod Johnson joining the board of Typesafe and a $20 million bank, this is one bet you can count on.
2. MongoDB.

Though not quite as big a juggernaut as Hadoop, MongoDB is still a big deal and far easier to learn. Document databases like MongoDB fit well with big AJAX applications or object-oriented back ends. They also scale nicely. There's more than one to try, but you should probably start with Mongo, because it will be best for you from a career perspective -- most companies are already familar with the database. The company behind MongoDB, 10gen, is extremely well-capitalized with a war chest of $81 million.
1. Hadoop.

If you learn nothing else this year, make it Hadoop. You need to know what MapReduce is and how to use it. Frankly, by any measure of buzz, popularity, or demand, Hadoop dominates the market in newer technologies.
Source Link Lots of other skills are in demand, but these six are bringing the buzz.

Acquiring these skills will help you become not only one of the cool kids on the block, but also one of the paid kids. That's my list. Is there anything you would add?

Without Writing Code Design a Website ?

PR web Website Without Coding Knowledge
PR web design website Without Coding Knowledge
In recent News published with PRWeb that shows how one can create, manage and design a website without writing code, helping designers build their web design brand and grow their independent business online.

Thirty-eight million graphic designers currently working to create multiple websites for their clients are enslaved to an old process that depends on developers to manually convert graphic design into handwritten code. This process, which hasn't changed much since the '90s, is slow, expensive and marginalizing designers’ roles. According to Webydo’s research, 70% of the budget of professional website design creation is currently spent on the development of handwritten code. On the other hand, the DIY code-free platforms (such as Weebly, Wix or Squarespace) offer only pre-formatted templates that are not suitable for professional website creation, and less than 3% of websites are created using these tools.

With Webydo, designers can not only create a website using a professional cloud-based software made specifically for designers, but now have the ability to bill their client directly, brand the system as their own, share website designs with their clients, and use an advanced CMS where their client can change, delete or update any element on the websites independently.

“This is a true revolution in professional website creation”, says Webydo’s CEO & Co-Founder, Shmulik Grizim. “For the first time, designers have complete control over the entire website design process and they can build their own independent web design business without hiring developers or manually writing code, focusing on the creative side only. Following our designers requests, we’re now adding a highly secure and efficient automatic payment system to the Webydo Dashboard. Webydo now takes care of all the technical and financial sides of running a successful web design business, enabling designers to create websites that can cost their clients up to $10,000 in a process that is ten times faster and cheaper.”

Webydo’s sophisticated online software lets designers create multiple websites with custom tailored designs from scratch, without writing one line of code. Webydo includes all the familiar tools that graphic designers use in softwares such as Adobe's Photoshop or Indesign. However with Webydo, designers can edit in browser, see their interactive design in action immediately and create a professional website with built in CMS.

Webydo is now releasing the business solution for designers, helping them build a powerful web design business.
Webydo’s new “Bill Your Client” system allows designers to bill their client for each project or service directly from the Webydo Dashboard. Webydo’s new “Build Your Brand” feature, allows designers to rebrand the whole Webydo system putting designers brand identity front and center. Webydo’s new “Share Your Site Design” CMS feature allows designers to easily present their website design with their client, enabling clients to change, delete or update the content of their websites. Designers can even lock parts of their design, preventing unwanted changes and preserving full artistic control.

About Webydo

Webydo is servicing a community of 13,000 designers, enables them to create and manage cross-platform business websites, without writing code. With a click of a button, designers can publish an advanced HTML website, including a friendly built-in CMS for the website owner. Founded by designers and creative professionals, Webydo is empowering designers around the world, eliminating all technical barriers and helping designers focus on the creative side of web creation.
To learn more visit
Webydo can be found on Behance, Twitter @Webydo and on Facebook.
For the original version on PRWeb visit:

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Top 5 Coming Marketing Conference 2013

To 5 Coming Marketing Conference 2013

  1. Content Marketing World 2013 Sept 9-12 in Cleveland, OH (Speaking confirmation is pending)
  2. Brand ManageCamp Sept 16-17 in Las Vegas, NV
  3. ANA: Master of Marketing Conference October 3-6 in Phoenix, AZ (many recommended this, but it says registration is closed.)
  4. Direct Marketing Association October 12-17 in Chicago, IL
  5. Pivot Conference October 15-16 in New York, NY
Let’s Read Few Details Of On Each Conference Schedule and Important Sessions 

1 Content Marketing World 2013 :

Event Date: Sept 9-12 in Cleveland, OH
Venue:Cleveland, OH
  • Cleveland Convention Center 
  • 300 Lakeside Avenue 
  • Cleveland, OH 44113
Event Type: Conference
Targeted Audience : For VPs/Directors/Managers - Marketing, Content Marketing, Product Marketing, Marketing Communications, and Sales ; Marketers responsible for products, services, solutions, segments or industries , Content Marketers , Writers and journalists , Business owners , PR, communication and marketing personnel for non-profits and associations, Marketing and Sales Consultants

Event URL:

Video :

Event Description :


CMW 2013 is offering six limited-attendance workshops on Monday, September 9th for those truly committed to the art and science of content marketing. We have a bit of something for everyone.
  • How to Create Content That Builds a Powerful E-mail Database
  • Content Marketing Strategy for Non-Profits
  • Building Your Buyer Personas
  • Content Marketing and Sales Enablement (Making Content Work for the Sales Force)
Pricing Details

Important Sessions and Speakers: 

How to Create Content That Builds a Powerful E-mail Database (Unleashing the Power of Partnerships will teach you the A-to-Z strategy designed to create compelling content products that build a LOYAL audience.) BY Andrew Davis  (Andrew Davis’s 20-year career has taken him from local television to The Today Show. He’s worked for The Muppets in New York. He’s marketed for tiny start-ups and Fortune 500 brands. His latest book, Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships, hit shelves in September of 2012.)

Content Marketing Strategy for Non-Profits (After this interactive session, you’ll come out with a step-by-step strategy for integrating content marketing into your organization, and positioning it for relevance in the future.) () BY Michael Weiss (Lead CMI Consultant), Russell Sparkman( Co-founder, FusionSpark Media) and Mark Rovner( Founder, Sea Change Strategies)

Building Your Buyer Personas (marketing intelligence that has a demonstrable impact on messaging, marketing content, sales enablement, and strategies for campaigns or marketing plans.) by Adele Revella (Founder, Buyer Persona Institute)

For More Details on Sessions and Speakers Visit

2 ) Brand ManageCamp Sept 16-17 in Las Vegas, NV

Event Date: Sept 16-17
Venue : MGM Grand Conference Center, with accommodations at The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
Event Type : Conference
Event URL:

Event Description: Join hundreds of other senior-level brand marketers for an oasis of fresh thinking and inspiration across a wide range of exciting, timely, and relevant subjects - including Brand Strategy, Innovation, Advertising, Brand Messaging, New Media, Insights, Loyalty, PR, Creativity, Consumer/Customer Behavior, Trends, and more. 

Brand ManageCamp 2012 Highlights :

Pricing Details

Important Sessions and Speakers: 

UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging By Scott Stratten

 The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice By Todd Henry ( Founder and CEO of Accidental Creative) .

Real Time Marketing & PR: How To Instantly Engage Your Market, Connect With Customers, and Create Products That Grow Your Business Now By David Meerman Scott

The Passion Conversation: How Brands Make Business Personal and Sustainable By Robbin Phillips .
For More Sessions Visit

3  : The 2013 Masters of Marketing Conference is taking place at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa. 

Event Date : October 3-6, 2013
Venue : JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa, Phoenix, AZ
  • 350 E Marriott Dr Phoenix, AZ 85054
  • (480) 293-5000
Event Type: Conference
Event URL:

Event Description : Join the nation’s chief marketing officers and leaders from the agency and media worlds for our industry’s signature event. This conference offers an opportunity to learn and engage with the leaders of the marketing community who have built brands, leveraged the expanding array of media, made marketing more accountable and improved the quality of their marketing organizations. 

Pricing Details  


Roger Adams( Chief Marketing Officer - United Services Automobile Association)
John Anton (Vice President of Marketing - The Valspar Corporation)
Marc de Swaan Arons(Executive Chairman – EffectiveBrands)
Marc Benioff( Chairman and Chief Executive Officer -, inc.)
For More 

4: Pivot Conference October 15-16 in New York, NY 

Event Date: October 15-16 in New York, NY
Venue: Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at 8:30 AM - Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at 6:00 PM (EDT) New York, NY

Event URL:

Event Description: Pivot is a singularity where 400+ leaders from major companies at the forefront of Social Business change gather, over two days, to focus on how to drive transformation during the upcoming twelve months. It is an utterly unique, immersive, participatory, multi-stage, multi-level exploration of transformation by the most powerful gathering in Social Business. 

Important Sessions and Speakers: 

                       5: Direct Marketing Association October 12-17 in Chicago, IL 
Event Date:October 12-17 

Venue: McCormick Place West, CHICAGO, IL
Event URL:

Event Description:Attend our content-rich Pre-Conference program October 12-13. In just 2 days, you will transform your business, brand and career. Earn a DMA Certificate of Completion for attending all modules within your track of choice.

 Important Sessions and Speakers: 
Data: Digits, Dummies and Doubts. Why data needs to be in the right hands/heads  By Stratten, President, Un-Marketing

Who Put the Monkey in the Driver’s Seat? By .Dan Ariely, James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics, Duke University, Fuqua School of Business .

FEATURED KEYNOTE - Listen to the Data By Terry Jones, Founder,; Founding Chairman, More Details visits

Conference 2013 : Future of Web Design 2013

Future of Web Design 
Conference Details :
Event Date: October 7 to October 9

Conference 2013

Venue:  AMC Empire 25, New York City ;
  • 234 West 42nd Street (8th & W 42nd)
  • New York, NY 10036 (212) 398 2597
  • Work Shop Venue 
    Event Type: For People who makes websites .  

    Event URL: 

    Event Description: Future of Web Design back to New York City for 2013! This year we’ve switched up the scene for you and we’ll be taking over the AMC Empire 25 movie theater for a couple days of the very best in web design. Here’s what It will have on offer: 

    • 4 amazing day-long workshops led by the best in the business
    • More technical topics and practical guidance than ever before 
    • Healthy doses of inspiration 
    • Creative challenges

    Pricing Details Available at

    Important Sessions and Speakers: 

    From Sharpie to Sublime: A Responsive Design Intensive By Jason Pamental (Jason Pamental is the co-founder of h+w design, writer at and overall web & typography nerd. Favorite self-descriptor: specializing in being a generalist (he's worked on the web since 1994 in a range of capacities).

    Designing For Touch (This workshop takes a hands-on approach (*ducks*) to touchscreen design with practical guidelines, rich examples, exercises, and a bunch of new rules that bust the "settled" conventions of the desktop.) By Josh Clark (Josh Clark is a designer, developer, and author specializing in mobile design strategy and user experience. He’s author of the O’Reilly books “Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps” and “Best iPhone Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders.)

    Front End Legos: Reusable HTML & CSS (A sound understanding of HTML and CSS are required as the workshop will cover more advanced techniques around building and laying out websites.) By Shay Howe (As a designer and front end developer, Shay Howe has a passion for solving problems while building creative and intuitive products. Shay specializes in product design and interface development, specialties which he also writes and teaches about.)

    JQuery Bootcamp (In this workshop, we will discuss the basics of jQuery Mobile, how to build a mobile app taking advantage of jQuery Mobile and HTML5 and how to simplify the process of mobile app development.) By Mike Nimer (Mike Nimer, Solutions Architect for Universal Mind, has spent over a decade on the forefront of web application development and server management. He specializes in CQ5, Java, Android, HTML5/JS, Flex and ColdFusion development, as well as social media integration ) & Kellen Styler

    For Details About Speakers Visit 

    Future of Web Design Why we are different What makes Future of Web Design different from other design conferences? Experience. We’ve been producing web design conferences for almost a decade, and are intimately familiar with the trends, technologies, and stars that make the web beautiful. Our two-track event means you always have a choice — you’re not locked into one room and one track. And we record every session for all attendees, so you’ll never miss a thing. As always, content is king.

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    Tutorials : Top 12 photo manipulations Work Using Photoshop

    Collection of Top photo manipulations Tutorials  :Here are  12 Photoshop Image Manipulation Tutorials

    1:  Create a Surreal "Parting of the Sea" Photo Manipulation 
    Tutorial Details :
    • Apps Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6
    • Difficulty: Advanced
    • Estimated Completion Time: 6 Hours

    Image :

    In this tutorial, you will discover how to combine advanced masking techniques, blending modes, adjustment layers and clever use of filters to part the sea and create a surreal photo manipulation. For Step by Step manipulation of Photo read with Linked URL.

    2 : Create a Scenic Landscape Composition 
    Tutorial Details:
    • Program: Adobe Photoshop CS3+
    • Difficulty: Intermediate
    • Estimated Completion Time: 2 - 3 Hours


    3 : Composite a Dynamic, Fantasy Winter Scene :  
    In this tutorial we will be creating a composite where we will take various photos and blend them together to make them feel like they were all taken at the same time and place. We will be building up a dynamic winter scene with landscapes and wild animals and also integrating abstract shapes and objects to give the composition a fantasy feel.

    Techniques covered up with Photo creation :
    • Image compositing (creating a unified, cohesive, blended scene)
    • Working with lighting effects and transparency
    • Expert extraction techniques (including tricky edges)
    • Working with perspective and depth
    • A professional, non-destructive workflow (including advanced smart object and mask management)


    4 : Beautiful Snow Queen Scene 
    Techniques Used :
    • Combining multiple photos to create a custom backdrop
    • Adding custom lighting effects
    • Using adjustment layers correctly
    • Blending images seamlessly
    • Creating a snow blizzard effect using brushes


    5 : Create a Fantasy City 

    Tutorial Details :
    • Estimated Completion Time: 6 Hours
    • Difficulty: Advanced
    • Apps Used: Adobe Photoshop


    In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a fantasy city that is built on a rock structure, similar to Minas Tirith from "The Lord of the Rings." In the process, you will learn several techniques to help you incorporate architectural photos into your artwork.

    6 : Combine a Crocodile and a Frog 
    Tutorials Details:
    • Estimated Completion Time: 1 - 2 Hours
    • Difficulty: Beginner
    • Apps Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6


    In this tutorial, we will use Photoshop to combine a crocodile and a frog to create a new animal species.

    Tutorial Assets:
    • Frog stock photo
    • Crocodile stock photo

    7 : Combine a Crocodile with a Car to Create an Exotic Crocomobile 
    Learn how to merge animals in Photoshop with this tutorial that will teach you how to chop photos and blend them together. This is a simple tutorial but to get great results, you'll need some patience, an eye for details, and some imagination.


    8: Create an Evil Angel on Fire - Premium Tutorial 
    Creating fire effects is not always an easy job, even with good stock images, fire effects in Photoshop look fake sometimes but here you will learn how to create nice looking fire effects.
    This is an intermediate-hard difficulty manipulation tutorial so it’s not for complete beginners.
    Video for Photo Creation : 

    9: Ghost Town - Manipulation 
    In this beginners to intermediate tutorial we’ll learn how to create a ghostly town in just a few easy steps.We’ll use selective desaturation ,play with opacity and combine a few layers to match a scene.

    Image :

    10 : Dramatic Photo-manipulation 
    This tutorial will teach in fast and easy steps how to combine various elements and textures to design a dramatic and epic photo montage. Learn the basics on how to use the gradient tool and blending options to work the lighting and overall tones. Plus how to use light flares, smoke and water splash brushes. With simple steps learn how to obtain mind blowing effects.

    Image :

    11 : Create a Romantic and Warm Portrait 
    Create this warm and sensual photo manipulation by combining photos, blending them, and adding a warm color effect. This tutorial will cover advanced photo manipulation techniques such as quick masking, color matching, and nondestructive dodging and burning.

    Image :

    12 : Create a Mysterious Scene with Planets 
    Create this surreal scene of an obscure scene with planets in the background. In this detailed tutorial, you'll learn how to create a surreal landscape, add a mysterious glowing light, and finish it with trees and a family in the foreground.

    Image :

    Monday, 29 July 2013

    Why PHP App. Development and Best PHP Development Companies

    Before highlighting top companies in Industry lets Discuss about PHP that shows how weight in your decision to pick a PHP development company.

    PHP Application Development:
    With the help of PHP one can create a feature rich website, dynamic websites within your budget and even real time web applications that have a great User Interface. PHP is used for High Quality Application development in low cost.

    For Application Creation PHP is best Languages 
    PHP programs can run on various platforms like Linux, UNIX, Windows and Solaris. PHP can be Installed on any web sever. Code for applications development written in PHP will work on any OS or server.
    • PHP supports most of Databases.
    • PHP is editor independent. PHP developers have access to an extensive number of editors. PHP and open source developers tend to use text editors e.g Notepad ++.
    • The PHP developers have a better advantage in integrating other essential platforms like JavaScript, Ajax (AJAX is a tool that web developers can use to create smarter web applications that behave better than traditional web applications when interacting with humans.), JQuery, etc., because of their familiarity with the open source environment.
    • PHP is easy to learn, w3schools is best online source for learning and implementing php features.
    • Average Development Time PHP Projects are developed in less.
    • Most used CMS are Joomla , magneto etc.
    • Performance: average for large projects while faster for small projects. PHP has an upper hand when it comes to speed. This is mainly because; the PHP code runs faster as it runs in its own memory space.
    • Cost is Also Low for PHP projects. In real world cost depends on project complexity, features and other costs.
    Popular Applications Examples: Wikipedia is a perfect website written in PHP. Flickr, Facebook, Wikipedia and many other thousands successfully applications have been written in PHP and what is great is the idea behind.

    All PHP related Projects Services : 

    • Create Dynamic Websites.
    • Create Static Websites.
    • Flash and animating websites
    • Develop customized web pages
    • Stand alone client side
    • command line scripting GUI applications
    • Extensively for developing social media communities email management content management software, user polls, chat and forums and online and ecommerce stores.

    Top agencies For PHP Development:

    The independent authority on web design and development,, has released their list of the best PHP development companies for the month of July 2013. The evaluations cover thousands of web development companies who specialize in PHP development services in the United States. The independent research team utilizes an evaluation process, five areas of evaluation, and customer references in order to identify the best in the industry and compare them to create the monthly rankings.

    The Top 10 PHP Development Firms for July 2013 :

    According to bwdarankings The Top Ten 10 PHP Development companies are
    1. Candid Software Location: New Delhi, India Website : 
    2. RazorIT LLC Location : Baldwinsville,New York Website :
    3. Dotcomweavers Paramus,New Jersey
    4. Krish Ahmedabad,India
    5. Cyber Sprocket Labs Charleston,South Carolina
    6. Cluster Infoway Chennai,India
    7. iSquare Technologies Tamil Nadu,India
    8. CEC Logics Corp. Logan,Utah
    9. HirePHP Chicago,Illinois
    10. Clikzy Creative Alexandria,Virginia
    The companies which are located in the rankings have been evaluated using an in-depth process for researching the best PHP development companies and comparing them based on their strengths, weaknesses, and competitive advantages.

    Is It Right to select from Referrals?
    What makes the decision slightly complex is the availability of a wide range of web design companies that can promise many things to their clients. There are Numbers other in Industry those offer same interest services on affordable prices. While selecting or taking any decisions in selecting best Firm, it s highly recommended that you should also run a proper hiring process (No doubt bwdarankings running fine process in ranking websites with their listing) , Here is list of top web design and development companies that is analyzed from top search results .

    Want to Learn PHP ?

    Top PHP Tutorials Are :

    1 w3schools At you will learn how to make a website. We offer free tutorials in all web development technologies. Select a tutorial from the menu to the left.

    2 : is a growing educational system packed with video and written material that you can access 24/7 100% free. The focus spread between five technologiesHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.

    3 :We love keeping web development tutorials free for everyone. That's why all of our videos are available for free and you can watch them right here, right now.